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Practice of Architecture | 2017/06/26

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Structuring the Stakeholder Engagement Process to Drive Better Design

2015/10/07 |

As a designer, engaging with all key stakeholders on a given project—the client; the client’s key decision makers, such as facilities and human resources leadership; and real estate professionals involved with a project—may be viewed either as cumbersome and time consuming or as an opportunity to create better outcomes. Embracing the latter in a strategic way often achieves greater consensus for a project throughout the design process. However, in order to make it meaningful to the participants, the client, and the design team, you have to ask the right questions, distinguish definite needs from wants, and ensure that everyone—not just the one with the loudest voice—has an opportunity to participate in the discussion.

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Going Beyond BIM, Let’s Talk Big Data

2015/09/23 |

I often struggle with the fact that all talk of technology in architecture and design practice is BIM centric, and focused purely on how we can increase productivity. The result is a response to the question that surrounds most commodity products, “How do we do it quicker, better and cheaper,” which in turn tends to commoditize the primary services we provide. Read More

Vera Shur: Redefining Architecture Roles in Practice

2015/09/11 |

Vera Shur is redefining the traditional role of the architect, looking at the intersections that happen between the built environment and product design.

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Casius Pealer: Unlicensed Architect and Real Estate Attorney

2015/07/24 |

Casius is not your average “unlicensed” architect, nor is he your average real estate attorney. In his own way he has contributed and continues to contribute to the more sustainable development of the built environment.

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Cristina Garmendia: Spurring Community Revitalization

2015/07/17 |

Cristina Garmendia is (re)building community. She crosses architecture with real estate and government policy and is considering dabbling in real estate finance. Hopefully her unique path may inspire you to follow a new one of your own.

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Daniel Libeskind, Not an Architect

2015/07/08 |

Conversations surrounding the topic of the title of Architect and who is and who is not able to call themselves an architect seems to be of great interest these days. Although I realize the debate is often rooted in the … Read More