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Practice of Architecture | 2018/01/19

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Third Bi-Annual AIA Women’s Leadership Summit

Third Bi-Annual AIA Women’s Leadership Summit

2013 has drawn plenty of interest from regarding women in the profession. BUT, “more work needs to be done and soon.”  Here are two views on the Third Bi-Annual AIA Women’s Leadership Summit this past October.

Emily Grandstaff-Rice reports on behalf of Parlour, on the conference that brought over 200 leaders together to address the practice and work of women in American architecture.

Against the backdrop of downtown Phoenix, an array of carefully selected speakers tackled the theme “Going Beyond”. Panels were organised under subthemes – Educate, Practice, Own, Publics and Politics, Propel, Inspire and Engage – with three to four panelists presenting on each topic. This format provided a lens through which to view speakers’ individual careers, while also locating these in context with their peers. Open-ended dialogue occurred naturally following the presentations, highlighting common threads such as risk, personal choice, and the role of gender identity and bias.

Click HERE to read Emily’s entire article on Parlor’s website.

Sho-Pig Chin and Heather Taylor talk about their experience at the summit.

This year’s event had around 225 attendees. The idea of the conference is keep the size intimate and draw from all corners of the country to reach women in different parts of the practice. Part of the success of the conference is its intimacy. We are already discussing different models, so that we can maintain that feel, but also reach more people as it is clear there is an appetite for these conversations and we want others, including our male counterparts, to benefit from the positive energy of these summits.

Click HERE to read the full article on Payette’s blog site.

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