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Practice of Architecture | 2018/01/19

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The Downfall of Traditional Practice

The Downfall of Traditional Practice

Last week in a column titled, Architecture Continues to Implode: More Insiders Admit the Profession is Falling, Justin Shubow, takes a hard look at the profession’s confidence conundrum – or what can better be considered the misplaced confidence that we (architects) tend to form in our own insular circles. 

Has our treasure of the modernist movement and its delineations from previous ideologies led to the loss of the ability of architects to create places of true meaning? The Make It Right program seems to implicate that the question has become a reality. In the article, Shubow notes how:

The firms [who designed the Make It Right houses] produced weird, alien designs that had nothing to do with the Big Easy, which arguably has one of the strongest sense of neighborhood, place, and architecture of any city in the US.

I personally agree with the underlying suggestion of the article, that we have become far too insular in may instances to recognize who we are actually creating architecture for. However, I leave each of you to form your own opinion.

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