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Practice of Architecture | 2018/01/19

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Moving Beyond BIM: Why Data is Integral in the Technology Discussion

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Design professionals often like to think that we are at the leading edge when it comes to technology. We each have our own opinions about the aesthetics and operation system of the latest iPhone, and the environments we design reflect a contemporary vision of our forward-thinking clients, integrating the latest in technology to allow for a global workforce that telecommutes. However, when it comes to technology in design practice, our aversion to risk puts us on the slow end of the implementation curve. In this regard, an architecture and interior design practice is often considered conservative at best.

The conversation surrounding technology in practice always seems to fall into two distinct buckets: (1) the deployment of technology that increases efficiencies in work, which is often BIM- centric, and (2) the integration of building and material technology within our projects. I suggest that we include a third area that is of equal if not more importance: the integration of smart data, not big data, into practice.

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