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Practice of Architecture | 2018/01/22

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I believe the architecture profession is ripe for disruption, which makes me excited about the future of practice.

In 2013 I was giving my presentation as the Vice President of Communication and Public Affairs to the American Institute of Architects California Council (AIACC) Board of Directors and surprised myself when I made the statement, “if we continue on this path, doing what we are doing, we will be a dying profession.” After more than a decade of volunteer leadership service, I realized that I had resigned myself to all the negativity that often flows freely from the mouths of the “gray haired” generation that currently leads this profession.

“Construction Managers and Contractors have taken over our services.”

“Clients are making architecture a commodity.”

“We are constantly giving away our value, in order to keep the project moving forward.”

To which I have to respond:

Enough of the complaining already! Why are we not responding? Let’s do something!

This website is dedicated to those who are pushing or are interested in pushing Practice, and I hope that it becomes a resource for those interested in doing, rather than maintaining the status quo. When I first launched the website I thought it could live as a curated collection of pre-published work but I have quickly discovered that the doers are too busy doing. I was also getting questions from others wondering when I was going to contribute my voice and perspective to the conversation.

So, as the Practice of Architecture continues to evolve, so goes the website, the We welcome stories and insights from those who are active in the field, as well as those pushing the definition of what it means to practice architecture – adding influence and prosperity to the practice of architecture or bringing entirely new business models to bare.

Contact me HERE if you are interested in participating.