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Practice of Architecture | 2018/02/20

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Is your Marketing Department Collaborating with IT

2013/10/10 |

Is your Marketing Department collaborating with IT? If not, some firm reorganization may need to be taken into consideration.

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What’s the Secret to Forming Super Productive Habits

2013/08/30 |

What’s the secret to forming super productive habits? Drake Baer wrote an article on mastering your habits as part of the Leadership Now column at Fast Company.

The reason it’s so hard to form productive habits is the same reason they’re so … Read More

Why Mid-Sized Design Firms Should Hire a Director of Operations

2013/08/21 |

Are your project managers taking time away from their projects and billable hours to manage the practice? You may want to consider hiring a Director of Operations.
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5 Transitions Great Leaders Make That Average Leaders Don’t

2013/07/03 |

Architects should take a lesson from business leaders when it comes to survival in the new economy. Mike Myatt, contributor to Forbes had a great post last month focusing on 5 Transitions Great Leaders Make That Average Leaders Don’t. Several … Read More

Agents of Change in the Built Environment: A Study of AEC Thought Leadership

2013/05/14 |

Thought leadership within the AEC industry is not necessarily new, but the way thought leaders are utilizing their knowledge to form a different perspective on practice is.

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Design for Design Services

2013/04/23 |

Are we properly designing our design services for success in the changing world? Luis Alt, founder of live|work, contributed a 2 part series to Core77 that is very applicable to the AEC industry. How should be be designing our design … Read More