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Practice of Architecture | 2018/01/22

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Why Mid-Sized Design Firms Should Hire a Director of Operations

2013/08/21 |

Are your project managers taking time away from their projects and billable hours to manage the practice? You may want to consider hiring a Director of Operations.
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BIM Storm, Going Beyond Desktop Applications of BIM

2013/07/23 |

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is often thought of as a desktop application associated with software products such a Revit, ArchiCAD, VectorWorks, etc. However the Wikipedia definition denotes BIM as “a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of a facility.” Kimon Onuma has been utilizing BIM to its full definition through applications he calls BIMStorms and further helping owners organize all the data that the building and its users are constantly updating.

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KA Connect 2013 Videos are Live

2013/06/24 |

KA Connect’s 2013 conference videos are now live. Their mission is to help the AEC industry understand “what’s next.”

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Hiring Leaders without Design Firm Experience

2013/05/31 |

Architects are horrible at making business decisions. This is an observation that I have known several architects to make of themselves. After all, my professional practice class did little more than develop a personal brand for my own architect firm and go over AIA Contract documents.

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AIACC: “But I Still Think It’s Ugly,” Explaining Architecture to Non-Architects

2013/05/23 |

Architects make beautiful drawings, but that does not mean we are the best communicators. Tim Culvahouse, FAIA of Culvahouse Consulting has a column at AIA California Council addressing just that. His opening conversation, Divergent Mindsets, looks at the psychological difference between Architects and Non-Architects.

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Teecom: It’s All about the Mobile User

2013/05/20 |

Teecom is working with architects to build buildings that “turn YOU on,” by engaging the social building.

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Give Power Back to the People, Intelligent Buildings Go Social

2013/05/18 |

When designing for the Workplace, individual climate control is often the hardest thing to control. Office occupants are often annoyed by the plastic little boxes that cover the thermostat that they have no ability to manipulate.

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Agents of Change in the Built Environment: A Study of AEC Thought Leadership

2013/05/14 |

Thought leadership within the AEC industry is not necessarily new, but the way thought leaders are utilizing their knowledge to form a different perspective on practice is.

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What Good Consultants Know: 13 Basic Competencies Beyond Your Discipline

2013/04/22 |

Architects are known for being generalists. It is a part of what makes us good problem solvers. However, the writers over at Dogpatch Dispatch make it a point to mention that we are not necessarily good at demonstrating two necessary competencies for success simultaneously.

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The Innovation Studio at MKThink

2013/04/19 |

Self-described as “the ideas company for the built environment,” MKThink has three practice areas that, on the surface, seem to contradict one another: An Architecture practice that designs new buildings and renovates existing ones, a Strategy practice that helps clients connect their business practices … Read More