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Practice of Architecture | 2018/02/20

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Using Legos to Teach the Next Generation About Green Building

2013/09/03 |

Sherwood Design Engineers’ blogging intern, Rachel Cross, shared her experience in the development and implementation of “LEGO LEED,” educating the next generation about greener buildings. What are you doing to educate architecture’s future talent and/or clients?

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Greater Good Studio: Using Design Methods to Solve Social Problems

2013/08/06 |

Do you believe that research changes design? That design changes behavior? That behavior changes the world? Greater Good Studio uses design methods to solve social problems.
As a licensed Architect and Design Strategist I often wonder whether or not I am putting enough of my design background towards the greater good.

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Designing in the Public Interest, 6 Ways SWA Gets Better with Pro Bono Work

2013/07/30 |

SWA Group recently launched their Social Impact Design initiative and partnership with the 1% Program at Public Architecture. In a recent posting to their Ideas Blog, they outlined six ways that pro-bono work challenges the firm as designers.
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MKThink, Helping the US Government Use Technology to Save Oil and Lives

2013/06/23 |

San Francisco-base firm, MKThink is engaged in a research project to measure how cultural values, and patterns facility or inhibit the adoption of more efficient energy technologies and practices.

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Expand Your Practice: Loisos + Ubbbelohde Zero Energy Summer Camp

2013/06/21 |

Loisos + Ubbjelohde is attracting future clients through their Zero Energy Summer Camp, July 18-21st. An award winning consulting firm specializing in High Performance Buildings, L+U have nearly as many architects as clients as they do owners and building industry professionals.

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Promoting Research and Innovation: SWA’s Patrick Curran Fellowship

2013/06/20 |

SWA Group promotes research and innovation within their firm by awarding Patrick Curran Fellowships on an annual basis.

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Bring Your Clients to You: MKThink Opens Lost in Translation Exhibit

2013/06/14 |

A great way to bring clients to your office, is by hosting an exhibit. This week MKThink partnered with the Department of Architecture to open the Lost in Translation Exhibit. The exhibit takes place in the lobby of the architecture firm’s office, the infinite Roundhouse One building in San Francisco’s office.

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Arup Connects with Clients online through Arup Connect

2013/06/06 |

A lot of firms have blogs, but Arup is making an extra effort to reach out to their clients online through their newly launched Arup Connect, a web-magazine for the Americas region.

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SAYA: Architects, Urban Designers, Resolution Planners

2013/06/03 |

SAYA is an architectural, planning and design practice that has an interesting approach to find inspiring solutions to old problems. They are on a mission to “Design for Change.”

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After Architecture’s TWOFOLD Bench Is Made for Kids of All Ages

2013/05/27 |

After Architecture’s TWOFOLD bench is on display now at Fort Point Channel Design Museum Boston Street Seats through October 06, 2013. Read More