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Practice of Architecture | 2018/02/20

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Kayne West Talks Architecture at Harvard GSD

2013/12/03 |

Is Kayne West the new poster child for Architecture? It is said that any given time he is working with “3 architects at once.”

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Bryan Almquist: Helping Architects with Archetris

2013/11/13 |

Bryan Almquist is taking the term software architect to heart by launching his own architectural software start-up not too far from the watchful eyes of silicon valley. What is he designing? Archetris, a product that can actually help architects through the programming and design phases. Learn more about Bryan and his new endeavor after the jump.

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The DIY Concrete House Ring

2013/11/12 |

Linda Bennett, also known as the Archi-Ninja, is bringing the process of making to the masses, and helping them understand what architects love so much about the building process with her DIY Concrete House Ring.

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Natasha Case: Architecture Ice Cream Aficionado

2013/10/24 |

Natasha Case exemplifies an individual using her architecture background to push the boundaries of traditional practice. In 2009, while working in architecture for Disney Imagineering, she founded Coolhaus with Freyer Estreller. The success of the architecturally-inspired ice cream sandwiches have grown into an empire larger than most architecture firms with mobile locations (food trucks) in Los Angeles, New York City, Austin and Dallas as well as two brick and mortar locations in LA.

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This is the Imagination Age, We Can Shape Our Future

2013/10/17 |

Architects are doers, but as designers many of us are dreamers as well – and optimistic ones at that. We believe we hold the ability to shape the future of our cities. Fast Company has pulled together a great list of articles from Futurist Rita J. King, on helping people imagine the future that architects potentially already see.

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“But I Still Think It’s Ugly”: Explaining Architecture to Non-Architects

2013/08/07 |

This article is a follow-up to “But I Think It’s Ugly,” by in-house editor at the AIA California Council, Tim Culvahouse, FAIA. This article focuses on how our architect friends differ from our non-architect friends.

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Unlock Your Creative Genius: Be Provocative with Purpose

2013/07/22 |

As Architects, we often hope that our our designs and even our proposals for design services, are provocative in the best sense of the word possible. However the art of provocation often comes with risks that stifle innovation and creativity.

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What is the Value of an Architect’s License?

2013/07/09 |

What is the value of an architect’s license? I am not asking the question because I know the answer, but rather to be provocative.  I would love to hear your thoughts.
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New PBS Architecture Series Backed by the AIA

2013/06/24 |

Cool Spaces, a new PBS architecture series, hopes to peak the public interest in the story behind some of North America’s most interesting public buildings.

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No Retroactive Prize for Denise Scott Brown

2013/06/17 |

Lord Peter Palumbo, the chair of the Pritzker Prize, announced in a letter that was released lat week that there will be no retroactive prize for Denis Scott Brown.

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