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Practice of Architecture | 2018/02/20

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Daniel Libeskind, Not an Architect

2015/07/08 |

Conversations surrounding the topic of the title of Architect and who is and who is not able to call themselves an architect seems to be of great interest these days. Although I realize the debate is often rooted in the … Read More

Tune into these Top Rated Architecture Podcasts

2014/10/10 |


I have to be honest. I rarely pay attention to NCARB’s blog now that I am a licensed professional, but I’ve also found myself sitting in front of my computer again at all hours of the day with my … Read More

Linda Bennett: Ethics, Anarchy, and Architecture

2014/03/16 |

What do you get when you mix the practice of ethics and anarchy and apply it to architecture? You get Arch-Ninja, and its founder Linda Bennett.

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cultureNow, A Museum Without Walls focuses on Art, Architecture, and History in the Public Realm

2013/08/14 |

Our cities are living museums, and cultureNow is helping everyone navigate them better by empowering individuals with on-the-ground knowledge.

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Happy Monday: 31 Motivational Quotes on Success

2013/08/12 |

Happy Monday Practice of Architecture readers. Coming off of a hard week, I thought it would be helpful to bring a little motivation to the start of this week.

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Unlock Your Creative Genius: Be Provocative with Purpose

2013/07/22 |

As Architects, we often hope that our our designs and even our proposals for design services, are provocative in the best sense of the word possible. However the art of provocation often comes with risks that stifle innovation and creativity.

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The Origins of Thought Leadership

2013/07/10 |

Thought Leadership is a term that is thrown around pretty loosely these days, but it is often something that is recommended our profession aspire to be, “Thought Leaders.” So exactly what is thought leadership? Where did the concept of originate from? And most importantly, how do you become a thought leader?
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Real Starchitects in Hollywood

2013/07/08 |

Architects have been portrayed in Hollywood for years. Tom Hanks played an architect in Sleepless in Seattle. Adam Sandler played an architect in the movie Click. Josh Radner plays, Ted Mosby, an architect turned academic in the TV Sitcom, How I Met Your Mother.

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5 Transitions Great Leaders Make That Average Leaders Don’t

2013/07/03 |

Architects should take a lesson from business leaders when it comes to survival in the new economy. Mike Myatt, contributor to Forbes had a great post last month focusing on 5 Transitions Great Leaders Make That Average Leaders Don’t. Several … Read More

Tweet Your Way to Your Dream Job

2013/06/27 |

While you may not be on the hunt for a new job, who is to say you cannot apply the same ideas to land a dream client.

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