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Practice of Architecture | 2018/01/19

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Lessons Learned from Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business

2013/06/26 |

Architects are not necessarily known for being business savvy, so I was admittedly surprised to see three honorees who work in or are advocates of the built environment make Fast Company’s 2013 List of 100 Most Creative People in Business.

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New PBS Architecture Series Backed by the AIA

2013/06/24 |

Cool Spaces, a new PBS architecture series, hopes to peak the public interest in the story behind some of North America’s most interesting public buildings.

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No Retroactive Prize for Denise Scott Brown

2013/06/17 |

Lord Peter Palumbo, the chair of the Pritzker Prize, announced in a letter that was released lat week that there will be no retroactive prize for Denis Scott Brown.

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Get Your City Fix: Parklets, DIY Bike Lanes, and Other Hometown Improvement Projects

2013/06/12 |

Citizens are doing more and more to improve their hometown, even undertaking guerrilla like tactics to plant trees. Susie Cagle over at Grist has a great article with ideas for individuals to get their city fix on.

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Design in a Nutshell by OpenLearn, An Intro to Design Thinking

2013/06/11 |

OpenLearn, the home of free learning from The Open University, recently launched their introduction to design thinking a series of six video vignettes, Design in a Nutshell.

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Should the AIA Gold Medal Be Given to Design Partners?

2013/06/10 |

Following the hub-bub surrounding the Pritzker Prize petition on, AIA New York is petitioning the national membership organization to change the AIA Gold Medal rules to allow partners to apply.

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I Am the 5%

2013/06/09 |

I am the 5%: minority-woman-architect. If I was of different descent I may even represent less than 5% of the profession. Read More

Arup Connects with Clients online through Arup Connect

2013/06/06 |

A lot of firms have blogs, but Arup is making an extra effort to reach out to their clients online through their newly launched Arup Connect, a web-magazine for the Americas region.

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Blockitecture: Wooden Architecture Blocks for Adults of All Ages

2013/06/04 |

Designed for adults of all ages, Blockitecture is a collection of hexagonal blocks that are capable of nesting together in a variety of formations. The unique design of the blocks create cantilevers that are often found in contemporary architecture.

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Cathleen McGuigan Talks About Women and the Changing World of Architecture

2013/05/29 |

Cathleen McGuigan, editor-in-chief of Architectural Record, makes a presentation to Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. In a conversation with her fellow Loeb Alumni, the current Loeb class, and architecture students she looks at  “Women and the Changing World of Architecture.” The real question is whether or not the profession has really changed? Read More