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Practice of Architecture | 2018/02/20

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Mashable: How Social Media is Changing Mentorship

2013/08/05 |

Mentorship within the profession is often talked about, but rarely has positive outcomes when implementation is taken on by organizations such as the AIA. I have found that relationships are best grown at a person-to-person level, and that if you are willing to reach out you will usually find someone willing to lend a hand. In order to foster my own relationships I have found incredibly success reaching out over professional social media channels including LinkedIn. The effort lead to several in-person meetings and eventually my new job at MKThink.

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Inside Flows, Building a Connection Between the Knowledge of Flows and Interior Design

2013/06/19 | is an open platform to exchange knowledge on flows applied in interior design. The website is part of the research group ‘inside flows’, a collaboration between the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and Superuse Studios.

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