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Practice of Architecture | 2018/02/20

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$10,000 to Boost Your New Practice

2015/01/18 |

How would you like $10,000 to bolster your new practice? The Charette Venture Group is holding their second annual Architecture Business Plan Competition. The competition is open to all registered architects in United States and Canada (excluding Quebec where it … Read More

Take the Equity in Architecture Survey

2014/03/19 |

Have you taken the Equity in Architecture Survey yet? If not, there is still time. The survey will officially close this Monday, March 24th at 5pm pst. The survey is open to both male and female architects and emerging professionals so what are you waiting for?

Click HERE to take the survey.

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An Architect’s Education

2014/02/25 |

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Custom Residential Architects Network has been publishing videos on why it is important to bring an architect the the table. The first video in the series talks about an architect’s education.

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Rural and Proud: The Epicenter Serves their Community through Design

2014/01/27 |

The Epicenter was founded in 2009 by Auburn University Architecture Graduates, Jack Forinash, Maria Sykes, and Rand Pinson. They serve as a community resource organization that supports the community of Green River, Utah.

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Designing Solutions to Foster Creativity in Education

2013/10/29 |

In an IBM Pol of 1,500 CEO’s from 60 countries interviewed in 2010, it was indicated that Creativity is the #1 leadership trait of the future. No Right Brain Left Behind is bringing together creatives from different fields to make sure creativity stays in our schools.

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Parking Day is Today

2013/09/20 |

Today is the day to reclaim public space. It also means that it is one of my favorite days, in a very intellectually geeky architect way, to walk around and enjoy the pop-up changes happening within the urban fabric of my city. For architecture firms, it is a great way to interact with the community that your office is in. What are you doing or Park(ing) Day today?

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But I Still Think It’s Ugly – Coming to Terms With Our Clients Values

2013/09/10 |

Is our inability to communicate our value hurting the outcomes we produce for our client’s? AIA California Council is back with the 3rd installment of their “But I Still Think It’s Ugly” series. This one focuses on the difference between … Read More

DiscoverDesign, Helping Teenagers Find Their Inner Architect

2013/08/27 | is helping teenagers find their inner architect, by empowering students to think about critically about the environments that surround them. It connects teens with other high school students interested in architecture, and gives partitioners (educators, architects, designers) an opportunity to mentor the future of the profession.

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Petition the AIA to Award the Gold Medal to a Woman

2013/08/20 |

When was the last time the American Institute of Architects (AIA) awarded their highest honor, the Gold Medal, to a woman? NEVER. With all the hype surrounding the Pritzker Prize, it is about time time we turn our focus home and ask the AIA why, unlike the Pritzker Prize, they have never given the honor to a single female architect?

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cultureNow, A Museum Without Walls focuses on Art, Architecture, and History in the Public Realm

2013/08/14 |

Our cities are living museums, and cultureNow is helping everyone navigate them better by empowering individuals with on-the-ground knowledge.

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