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Practice of Architecture | 2018/01/19

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An Architect’s Education

2014/02/25 |

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Custom Residential Architects Network has been publishing videos on why it is important to bring an architect the the table. The first video in the series talks about an architect’s education.

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Julia Morgan, FAIA first Woman to Receive the AIA Gold Medal

2013/12/13 |

A long time in the making. Julia Morgan, FAIA was awarded the AIA Gold Medal posthumously. Read More

Third Bi-Annual AIA Women’s Leadership Summit

2013/12/04 |

2013 has drawn plenty of interest from regarding women in the profession. BUT, “more work needs to be done and soon.”  Here are two views on the Third Bi-Annual AIA Women’s Leadership Summit this past October.

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Petition the AIA to Award the Gold Medal to a Woman

2013/08/20 |

When was the last time the American Institute of Architects (AIA) awarded their highest honor, the Gold Medal, to a woman? NEVER. With all the hype surrounding the Pritzker Prize, it is about time time we turn our focus home and ask the AIA why, unlike the Pritzker Prize, they have never given the honor to a single female architect?

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cultureNow, A Museum Without Walls focuses on Art, Architecture, and History in the Public Realm

2013/08/14 |

Our cities are living museums, and cultureNow is helping everyone navigate them better by empowering individuals with on-the-ground knowledge.

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Paul Welch, Hon. AIA on AIA’s Repositioning Initiative

2013/07/16 |

Haven given over three and a half decades of service to the Architecture Profession, Paul Welch, Hon. AIA has often been referred to as the “Godfather of the AIA.” In a new bi-montly series released by AIA California Council, Notes from the Second Floor, Paul shares his insight on contemporary issues affecting the practice of architecture.

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AIA Changes the Criteria for their Gold Medal

2013/06/25 |

Last week, just prior to AIA National Convention, the AIA’s Board of Directors voted to change the eligibility for the criteria for the AIA Gold Medal award.

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New PBS Architecture Series Backed by the AIA

2013/06/24 |

Cool Spaces, a new PBS architecture series, hopes to peak the public interest in the story behind some of North America’s most interesting public buildings.

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Expand Your Practice: Loisos + Ubbbelohde Zero Energy Summer Camp

2013/06/21 |

Loisos + Ubbjelohde is attracting future clients through their Zero Energy Summer Camp, July 18-21st. An award winning consulting firm specializing in High Performance Buildings, L+U have nearly as many architects as clients as they do owners and building industry professionals.

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The American Institute of Architects, Repositioned or Irrelevant

2013/05/15 |

Last year, the American Institute of Architects introduced the Repositioning the Institute Initiative. The initial year-long research effort undertaken by Laplaca Cohen was to help “us (the AIA members) hear each other better, talk more effectively with one another across generations, and, finally, communicate with our collaborators and with the public audiences we serve.”

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