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Practice of Architecture | 2018/02/20

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Moving Beyond BIM: Why Data is Integral in the Technology Discussion

2015/05/18 |

Design professionals often like to think that we are at the leading edge when it comes to technology. We each have our own opinions about the aesthetics and operation system of the latest iPhone, and the environments we design reflect a contemporary … Read More

Moving Practice Beyond Analog

2015/01/30 |

The practice of architecture is stuck in a rut, running in circles similar to the hands of an analog clock. Some would argue that this reoccurrence is not our fault. Rather, it is the result of the economy in which … Read More

The Downfall of Traditional Practice

2015/01/12 |

Last week in a column titled, Architecture Continues to Implode: More Insiders Admit the Profession is Falling, Justin Shubow, takes a hard look at the profession’s confidence conundrum – or what can better be considered the misplaced confidence that we (architects) tend to form in our own insular circles.  Read More

How to Rebuild Architecture

2014/12/16 |

Steven Bingler and Martin C. Pedersen have the answer to Rebuild(ing) Architecture (Practice). In an opinion piece published yesterday in the New York Times they call-out the current state of affairs between the architect’s and the public:

Architecture’s disconnect is both … Read More

Tune into these Top Rated Architecture Podcasts

2014/10/10 |


I have to be honest. I rarely pay attention to NCARB’s blog now that I am a licensed professional, but I’ve also found myself sitting in front of my computer again at all hours of the day with my … Read More

Natasha Case: Architecture Ice Cream Aficionado

2013/10/24 |

Natasha Case exemplifies an individual using her architecture background to push the boundaries of traditional practice. In 2009, while working in architecture for Disney Imagineering, she founded Coolhaus with Freyer Estreller. The success of the architecturally-inspired ice cream sandwiches have grown into an empire larger than most architecture firms with mobile locations (food trucks) in Los Angeles, New York City, Austin and Dallas as well as two brick and mortar locations in LA.

Read More

What’s the Secret to Forming Super Productive Habits

2013/08/30 |

What’s the secret to forming super productive habits? Drake Baer wrote an article on mastering your habits as part of the Leadership Now column at Fast Company.

The reason it’s so hard to form productive habits is the same reason they’re so … Read More