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Practice of Architecture | 2018/02/20

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An Architect’s Education

2014/02/25 |

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Custom Residential Architects Network has been publishing videos on why it is important to bring an architect the the table. The first video in the series talks about an architect’s education.

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Designing Solutions to Foster Creativity in Education

2013/10/29 |

In an IBM Pol of 1,500 CEO’s from 60 countries interviewed in 2010, it was indicated that Creativity is the #1 leadership trait of the future. No Right Brain Left Behind is bringing together creatives from different fields to make sure creativity stays in our schools.

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Using Legos to Teach the Next Generation About Green Building

2013/09/03 |

Sherwood Design Engineers’ blogging intern, Rachel Cross, shared her experience in the development and implementation of “LEGO LEED,” educating the next generation about greener buildings. What are you doing to educate architecture’s future talent and/or clients?

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DiscoverDesign, Helping Teenagers Find Their Inner Architect

2013/08/27 | is helping teenagers find their inner architect, by empowering students to think about critically about the environments that surround them. It connects teens with other high school students interested in architecture, and gives partitioners (educators, architects, designers) an opportunity to mentor the future of the profession.

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