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Practice of Architecture | 2018/02/20

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Professionals Pushing Practice

Helene Dreiling: Taking Care Of and Advocating For Architects

2016/07/13 |

Helene Dreiling, FAIA left traditional practice to pursue two dual roles that takes care of professionals and advocate to the public on behalf of the profession. A Past President of the AIA (2014), she is an exemplary model of someone who loves the profession while seeing the necessity for transformation.

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Upali Nanda: Making Research a Priority

2015/11/13 |

Dr. Upali Nanda is a self proclaimed absent minded professor by personality, but her position as Vice President and Director of Research at HKS Inc will have you considering otherwise. In her vital role, Upali makes us reconsider why research is important to the profession.

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Naeiri Petrosian: Translating Design Education to UX Research

2015/10/30 |

There is an inherent connection between the skills we are taught in architecture school and the methods UX Researchers use in implementing digital platforms. Naeiri Petrosian helps us draw a connection between the two.

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Vera Shur: Redefining Architecture Roles in Practice

2015/09/11 |

Vera Shur is redefining the traditional role of the architect, looking at the intersections that happen between the built environment and product design.

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Casius Pealer: Unlicensed Architect and Real Estate Attorney

2015/07/24 |

Casius is not your average “unlicensed” architect, nor is he your average real estate attorney. In his own way he has contributed and continues to contribute to the more sustainable development of the built environment.

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Cristina Garmendia: Spurring Community Revitalization

2015/07/17 |

Cristina Garmendia is (re)building community. She crosses architecture with real estate and government policy and is considering dabbling in real estate finance. Hopefully her unique path may inspire you to follow a new one of your own.

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Debra Kunce: Demystifying the Architecture Process

2015/05/01 |

Believe it or not, the general public does not have a great understanding of the work that architects actually undertake. That’s where Debra Kunce and her company, CORE Planning Strategies, steps in and helps demystify the world of design and construction.

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George Calys: The Architect Critic

2015/04/17 |

Architects are not really known for being good writers, which makes George even more unique. Besides, who is better at telling the story of architecture to the public than another architect? If you are looking for someone to tell your design story, consider contacting this critic.

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Linda Bennett: Ethics, Anarchy, and Architecture

2014/03/16 |

What do you get when you mix the practice of ethics and anarchy and apply it to architecture? You get Arch-Ninja, and its founder Linda Bennett.

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Natasha Case: Architecture Ice Cream Aficionado

2013/10/24 |

Natasha Case exemplifies an individual using her architecture background to push the boundaries of traditional practice. In 2009, while working in architecture for Disney Imagineering, she founded Coolhaus with Freyer Estreller. The success of the architecturally-inspired ice cream sandwiches have grown into an empire larger than most architecture firms with mobile locations (food trucks) in Los Angeles, New York City, Austin and Dallas as well as two brick and mortar locations in LA.

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