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Practice of Architecture | 2018/01/21

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Bryan Almquist: Helping Architects with Archetris

2013/11/13 |

Bryan Almquist is taking the term software architect to heart by launching his own architectural software start-up not too far from the watchful eyes of silicon valley. What is he designing? Archetris, a product that can actually help architects through the programming and design phases. Learn more about Bryan and his new endeavor after the jump.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare in Silicon Valley

2013/10/14 |

Can an algorithm design a smarter hospital? The individuals at Aditazz seem to think so. The broader question is whether or not this technology is applicable to other sectors within our field.

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The Pace of Architecture

2013/10/08 |

Mark Miller, CEO of MKThink considers the innovation gap between the spaces we design and how they are used with changing technology.

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Leap Motion: 3-D Motion Control for Your Computer

2013/07/25 |

Leap Motion has taken the technology from the latest video game systems, made it more accurate, and adapted it for your computer system. That means you can control your computer with Minority Report-like gestures without even touching the screen.

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Stratasys is Looking to Dominate the 3D Printing Industry

2013/06/22 |

Stratasys acquired Makerbot for a reported $403 million. The acquisition positions Stratasys to be the overall leader within the 3D printing industry.

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AEC-APPS Democratizes Architecture Technology

2013/04/15 |

AEC-APPS defines itself as “a community-driven collection of apps for the AEC industry,” and is the first web-based livrary of architecture, engineering, and construction applications built by and for digital tool users and tool makers.

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Is Architecture Ready To Go Paperless

2013/04/10 |

Is Architecture Ready to go paperless? Gehry Technologies and cloud-based storage service Box seems to think so.

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