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Practice of Architecture | 2018/01/21

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The ABCs of Architects

2013/05/24 |

The architects behind Ombu Architecture released this great video, ABC of Architects. The describe the video as “An Alphabetical list of the most important architects with their best known building.” They also noted that “A lot of them have been left out with grief because we only need one for each letter and we [have] done an effort to have different nationalities.”

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The American Institute of Architects, Repositioned or Irrelevant

2013/05/15 |

Last year, the American Institute of Architects introduced the Repositioning the Institute Initiative. The initial year-long research effort undertaken by Laplaca Cohen was to help “us (the AIA members) hear each other better, talk more effectively with one another across generations, and, finally, communicate with our collaborators and with the public audiences we serve.”

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Archiculture Film Trailer Released

2013/04/10 |

The official trailer of the long awaited film, Archiculture, was released today by Arbuckle Industries.
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