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Practice of Architecture | 2018/02/20

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Posts By Evelyn Lee

Daniel Libeskind, Not an Architect

2015/07/08 |

Conversations surrounding the topic of the title of Architect and who is and who is not able to call themselves an architect seems to be of great interest these days. Although I realize the debate is often rooted in the … Read More

Implementing Data in Practice: A Profit Opportunity

2015/06/01 |

Initial client meetings often set the stage for the remainder of a project. What are the client’s vision, mission, and goals? What do they hope to accomplish with this project? More importantly, how did they develop the initial program that … Read More

Moving Beyond BIM: Why Data is Integral in the Technology Discussion

2015/05/18 |

Design professionals often like to think that we are at the leading edge when it comes to technology. We each have our own opinions about the aesthetics and operation system of the latest iPhone, and the environments we design reflect a contemporary … Read More

Debra Kunce: Demystifying the Architecture Process

2015/05/01 |

Believe it or not, the general public does not have a great understanding of the work that architects actually undertake. That’s where Debra Kunce and her company, CORE Planning Strategies, steps in and helps demystify the world of design and construction.

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George Calys: The Architect Critic

2015/04/17 |

Architects are not really known for being good writers, which makes George even more unique. Besides, who is better at telling the story of architecture to the public than another architect? If you are looking for someone to tell your design story, consider contacting this critic.

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Moving Practice Beyond Analog

2015/01/30 |

The practice of architecture is stuck in a rut, running in circles similar to the hands of an analog clock. Some would argue that this reoccurrence is not our fault. Rather, it is the result of the economy in which … Read More

$10,000 to Boost Your New Practice

2015/01/18 |

How would you like $10,000 to bolster your new practice? The Charette Venture Group is holding their second annual Architecture Business Plan Competition. The competition is open to all registered architects in United States and Canada (excluding Quebec where it … Read More

The Downfall of Traditional Practice

2015/01/12 |

Last week in a column titled, Architecture Continues to Implode: More Insiders Admit the Profession is Falling, Justin Shubow, takes a hard look at the profession’s confidence conundrum – or what can better be considered the misplaced confidence that we (architects) tend to form in our own insular circles.  Read More

How to Rebuild Architecture

2014/12/16 |

Steven Bingler and Martin C. Pedersen have the answer to Rebuild(ing) Architecture (Practice). In an opinion piece published yesterday in the New York Times they call-out the current state of affairs between the architect’s and the public:

Architecture’s disconnect is both … Read More

The Evolution of the Practice of Architecture

2014/12/13 |

I believe the architecture profession is ripe for disruption, which makes me excited about the future of practice.

In 2013 I was giving my presentation as the Vice President of Communication and Public Affairs to the American Institute of Architects … Read More